Abyss Odyssey
Developer ACE Team
Publisher Atlus
Platforms PC
Gamemodes Campaign, Co-op, Training, Versus

Abyss Odyssey is a game developed by ACE Team. Inspired by games like Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros Brawl, the game takes aspects from those games and blends them with the characteristics of rogue-like platformers. 


Abyss Odyssey takes place in a fantasy version of 19th century Chile. A powerful Warlock has fallen asleep, but he is plagued by nightmares...nightmares that are escaping into reality. An expeditionary force is sent into the Abyss to combat these creatures and end the onslaught.


The gameplay combines elements from numerous genres. The game consists of dungeon-like playthroughs, which although have the same layout every time, are filled with randomly generated enemies and loot, creating a different experience with every runthrough. The dungeon is also based on the actions of the community - when the boss of the final level is defeated enough times worldwide, a new level will be unlocked for everybody.

Combat is very similar to those found in fighting games, with each character having a moveset and able to perform combos with the complex fighting system. Each enemy is a fighter in their own right, and has approximately the same abilities and stats as the player.

A "training room" is also available to test combos and manuevers.


Initially, the player is only able to use the main character, Katrien. The other two main characters, Ghost Monk and Pincoya can be unlocked through actions completed in the Abyss. As enemies are defeated, their souls can be captured, and can be played as non-upgradable characters with their own unique movesets. Unlocked characters are also permanently unlocked for the Training and Versus modes.