Appearances Abyss Odyssey

The Camaheuto is a single-horned bull, born underground in swampy areas. Once a Camaheuto matures, it will stampede toward the sea, causing great destruction and carving rivers in its path. There is great power in its horn, which can be used to plant more Camahueto and then more rivers.

Moveset Edit

Neutral Attack - Camaheuto swings his head upward, impaling his opponent with his horn.

Forward Attack - Lunges forward, striking his enemy with his horn and sending them backwards.

Up Attack - Camaheuto swings his head upwards, striking his opponent with his horn and sending them backwards.

Down Attack - Camaheuto crouches and punches at his opponent's legs.

Neutral Special - Camaheuto runs forward in a grab-sprint. Launches enemy airborne. Potential to combo x2.

Up Special - Camaheuto exhales frosty air from his nostrils, freezing his opponent. No cooldown.

Down Special - Camehueto rolls into his enemy. Potential to combo x2. Unblockable.

Jump Attack - Camaheuto hits once with both of his front legs. Potential to combo x2.

Jump Forward Attack - Camaheuto swings his head forward in an upward strike.

Jump Backward Attack - Camaheuto kicks behind him with hind legs.

Jump Up Attack - Camaheuto swings his head into an upward strike.

Jump Down Attack - Camaheuto kicks directly below him with his hind legs.

Trivia Edit

The Camahueto creature is based on a Chile's Chiloé Island legend

Gallery Edit

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