Frost Golem
Appearances Abyss Odyssey

Moveset Edit

Neutral Attack - Frost Golem kicks up, hitting his opponent in the chest.

Forward Attack - Frost Golem spins and backhands opponent

Up Attack - With his weak arm, Frost Golem slams enemy.

Down Attack - While crouching, frost golem punches enemy.

Neutral Special - Frost Golem slams his palm into opponent, freezing them. About 10 second cooldown.

Up Special - Frost Golem pivots and kicks his enemy, then slams them with an open palm into the air, freezing them airborne. About 15 second cooldown. Potential to combo x2.

Down Special - Frost Golem exhales a frosty breath, freezing enemies directly in front of him. No cooldown.

Jump Attack - Frost Golem kicks slightly up.

Jump Forward Attack - Frost Golem slaps in front of him.

Jump Backward Attack - Frost Golem slaps behind him.

Jump Up Attack - Frost Golem swings his arm over his head.

Jump Down Attack - Frost Golem swings his legs under him.

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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