Golden Calf
Appearances Abyss Odyssey

The Golden Calf was a pagan idol made by Moses's brother Aaron to satisfy the Israelites in Moses's absence when he went to Mount Sinai to retrieve the Ten Commandments. They were made from the Israelites' gold jewelry, and after casting it into the fire it took the form of a calf. Bull worship was common at the time, with both the Egyptians and Greeks practicing it. The Golden Calf is also a symbol for infidelity, as it was said that the heathens practiced sodomy and polygamy along with the bull worship. The event of the Golden Calf is also cast as a warning, as G-d himself wanted to destroy the Israelites, and Moses, who wanted to save them, destroyed the two Tablets and commanded the sons of Levi to slaughter everyone else.

Moveset Edit

Neutral Attack - Golden Calf swings his head upward, hitting his opponent with his horns.

Neutral Attack (repeated) - Golden Calf swings his head upward, hitting his opponent with his horns, and then swings it down.

Forward Attack - Golden Calf lunges at opponent and launches them backwards.

Up Attack - Golden Calf swings his head upward with a higher range.

Down Attack - Golden Calf will spin around and slam opponent backwards with his hind legs.

Neutral Special - Golden Calf fires lasers out of his eyes in a downward diagonal directional. Ignites enemy if connects. No cooldown.

Up Special - Golden Calf hits a rock towards enemy. Distance and trajectory proportional to duration of button press.

Down Special - Golden Calf rolls into his enemy. Potential to combo x2. Launches enemy *airborne. Unblockable.

Jump Attack - Golden Calf slams his front legs forwards.

Jump Forward Attack - Golden Calf swings his head from the side to an upward strike.

Jump Backward Attack - Golden Calf kicks behind him with hind legs.

Jump Up Attack - Golden Calf swings his head into an upward strike.

Jump Down Attack - Golden Calf kicks directly below him with his hind legs.

*Oddly enough, the move launches enemies higher when only hitting once.

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