Appearances Abyss Odyssey

The Jackal is a monster in the Abyss who will occasionally spawn as a non-hostile bard, playing his guitar and offering you a fortune or proverb for 100 gold. If you accept, you will receive a random amount of EXP.

Moveset Edit

Neutral Attack - A simple slash.

Neutral Attack (repeated) - A simple slash followed by a stab.

Forward Attack - A downward slash.

Up Attack - An upward slash that sends enemies off their feet.

Down Attack - While crouching, the Jackal performs a very swift low-strike slash.

Neutral Special - A 360 degree "pizza-cutter" air somersault.

Up Special - In a spiral, the Jackal slashes his enemy into the air, then as he spins back around, slams them backwards. Potential to combo x2.

Down Special - Jackal jumps into the air and corkscrew-twists his body into a body-kick.

Jump Attack - A simple airborne kick.

Jump Forward Attack - A double low and high slash.

Jump Backward Attack - Jackal kicks behind him.

Jump Up Attack - Jackal swings his sword above him.

Jump Down Attack - A simple downward kick.

Trivia Edit

  • Jackal is the one enemy who will always accompany Paganini when he comes back to kill you. Coincidentally enough, they are the two musicians in the Abyss, and both have skulls for faces.

Gallery Edit