Appearances Abyss Odyssey

Moveset Edit

Neutral Attack - Judith slams her palm into her opponent.

Neutral Attack (repeated) - Judith slams her palm into her opponent, followed by her other palm.

Forward Attack - Judith spins and backhands her opponent.

Up Attack - Judith kicks behind her, kicking enemies in suitable range around her to launch into the air.

Down Attack - Judith slides around in a circle, leg-sweeping her opponents.

Neutral Special - Fires a green ball of energy that poisons enemies if it connects. No cooldown. Distance and trajectory proprtional to duration of button press.

Up Special - Judith kicks upward, sending her and her opponent airborne.

Down Special - Judith trips her opponent then, while on her hands, spin-kicks enemies at head level.

Jump Attack - Judith slaps downward.

Jump Forward Attack - Judith outstretches her legs in a kick.

Jump Backward Attack - Judith kicks her heels up behind her.

Jump Up Attack - Judith kicks her feet up and over her head in a 180 degree above head swing.

Jump Down Attack - Judith bullet-kicks downward, increasing her fall speed.

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