Nightmare Monk
Appearances Abyss Odyssey
Level 32

Nightmare Monk is one of the three main Nightmare characters. Encountered as a boss at the end of some levels, his defeat will reward the player with a special skill, a weapon, or if captured, his soul. Apart from being larger, slower, and stronger than Ghost Monk, Nightmare Monk has a nearly identical moveset, with the only differences being the latter does not have swappable special abilities.

Nightmare Monk wields two-handed swords like Ghost Monk, but cannot swap them out when a new sword appears. 

Biography Edit

The Ghost Monk is the physical embodiment of all who have perished in the Abyss.

Moveset Edit

Neutral Attack - A downward swing in front. Can be double for a potential x2 combo.

Forward Attack - Nightmare Monk steps forward and slams his sword down, sending his enemies backward.

Up Attack - Nightmare Monk swings his sword above him and twirls it. Hits enemies backwards and functions as anti-air.

Down Attack - Nightmare Monk will wedge his sword under his opponent and then swing up, sending them up in the air.

Neutral Special - Nightmare Monk slams the ground, firing a purple ball of energy that curses the enemy if it connects. No cooldown.

Up Special - Nightmare Monk swings his sword up into his enemy, sending them both into the air.

Down Special - Nightmare Monk winds up his sword, then slams it down. Unblockable/block-breaking.

Jump Attack - A simple forward kick.

Jump Forward Attack - Nightmare Monk slashes down in front of him.

Jump Backward Attack - Nightmare Monk slashes behind him.

Jump Up Attack - Nightmare Monk twirls his sword above him.

Jump Down Attack - Nightmare Monk kicks downward increasing his fall speed.

Notes Edit

  • Nightmare Monk can be seen as permanently cursed, being slower than the default Monk, having a reduced jump height, and having the "curse" particle effect. Because of the permanent curse, he is immune to any further curse effects.

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