Peacock Warrior
Appearances Abyss Odyssey

Moveset Edit

Neutral Attack - Peacock Warrior will swing is shield down in a mid-to-low slash.

Forward Attack - Peacock Warrior will stab his spear forward.

Up Attack - !80 degree upward slash of the spear. Launches enemies slightly airborne.

Down Attack - A short range slide

Neutral Special - Block-breaking forward stab.

Up Special - A double-kick. Launches enemy airborne. Potential to combo x2.

Down Special - Peacock Warrior brings his shield in front of him, creating a short-duration invincible block. Useful for countering.

Jump Attack - Peacock Warrior takes a kick stance while airborne.

Jump Forward Attack - A downward-slash. Continues to ground attack.

Jump Backward Attack - Peacock Warrior stabs spear behind him.

Jump Up Attack - Peacock Warrior slams his shield upward.

Jump Down Attack - Peacock Warrior stabs spear downward.

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