Sea Queen
Appearances Abyss Odyssey

Moveset Edit

Neutral Attack - A downward backhand strike.

Forward Attack - Sea Queen summons her corrupted water to attack her opponent and send backwards. Potential to combo x3.

Up Attack - Sea Queen surrounds her fist with corrupted water and punches upward.

Down Attack - Sea Queen attacks with her corrupted water in an upward attack.

Neutral Special - Sea Queen lunges and shoulder bashes enemy.

Up Special - Sea Queen will summon her corrupted water and send it upward in three distinct anti-air projectiles. Potential to combo single enemy x2.

Down Special - Sea Queen jumps into the air body slams her opponent.

Jump Attack - An airborne backhand strike.

Jump Forward Attack - Sea Queen shoots her corrupted water in a downward-diagonal stream.

Jump Backward Attack - Sea Queen shoots her corrupted water in a downward-diagonal stream behind her.

Jump Up Attack - An airborne upward-punch.

Jump Down Attack - Sea Queen shoots her corrupted water downward.

Trivia Edit

  • Sea Queen, with Sea Witch, are the only two fully topless characters in the game.

Gallery Edit

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