Skeleton Warrior
Appearances Abyss Odyssey

Moveset Edit

Neutral Attack - Skeleton Warrior swings scimitar across his body in a close-range attack.

Forward Attack - An upward slash.

Up Attack - Skeleton Warrior swings scimitar above his head.

Down Attack - The Skeleton Warrior crouches and stabs at the enemies feet.

Neutral Special - The Skeleton Warrior blows fire into his hands and shoots in a blue fireball.

Up Special - Skeleton Warrior hits his opponent up while twisting his sword in the air. Potential to combo x3.

Down Special - Skeleton Warrior inches forward while attacking with a mix of stabs, punches, and knee-kicks. Potential to combo x4.

Jump Attack - Skeleton warrior will swing his sword in front his body while airborne.

Jump Up Attack - Skeleton Warrior stabs straight up above him.

Jump Forward Attack - A mid-to-low slash while airborne.

Jump Backward Attack - Skeleton Warrior kicks behind him.

Jump Down Attack - Skeleton Warrior will point sword downward, slightly increasing fall speed.

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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